June 30, 2014

I am so (super-ultra-mega-crazy-INSANELY) blessed and honored to have opportunities to learn from and work with/for not one but TWO talented photographers here in the Charlotte area.
Now, that was a lot of descriptive wording. It may or may not have even been a run on sentence! What I should say in fewer words is: I am so happy to be connected with Melissa of Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography and Kelly of Grace Hill Photography. They have both been so kind to me.
Sometimes we get the chance to just go out and PLAY. No rules, no schedule. Creativity, time-taking, chatting, and light chasing are just a few of the items on the non-existent to-do list!
Here are a few images I took of Melissa one night after a speedy and end-well search for the perfect silhouette hill.
mlh silhouettes-3mlh silhouettes-6mlh silhouettes-10




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