August 7, 2014

I must have read about Project 365 on a photography blog not long after I got started in photography. I don’t know – a mixture of newness and opportunity and challenge just swallowed me up and I didn’t even think twice about it.

Now, here’s my thing with a project like this. It’s a commitment. I don’t know about you (and you +  commitment), but once I’ve said something out loud, it doesn’t matter what I’ve got to do to make it happen – it’s 99% likely happening. (…not unlike the whole marriage thing I’m fixing to do in, oh, 7x days).

So I started the very next day, Dec. 11, 2013.

I won’t lie: it’s been tough. But it’s also been insanely rewarding.
Sometimes I take an embarrassingly awful photo. If I haven’t done anything else that day in camera, then it’s the one I have to go with. Sometimes it’s on my phone. Those are the worst….and maybe the best – because they are moments that I couldn’t or didn’t have my camera with me. And moments that deserved to be captured.
There have been a handful of nights that I would lay in bed, ready to give in to the precious sleep hovering over me, when, “humbug… I FORGOT MY PHOTO OF THE DAY!” So the sleep would have to wait, which it doesn’t really like doing, and I would geterdun.
However, I love how looking through the photos, you can see a vivid change. Like, I actually started to improve. So that’s fun.

My approach to the project was not to take a photo every day with my DSLR (although that is the driving force behind the concept and I have gone through periods of frequency and infrequency). It was not to be super creative. I am out to conquer 2 main goals here:
2.) Demonstrate through these photos where I’ve been and who I’ve been with –> to document my year.

So, below are the first half of photos for the year – December-June. Even though I’m past the half way point as I create this post, I want it to be even when I make the second.

 I plan to make a part two of July-December and after that I want to make one of 365 FAVES! But I’m so excited about it that I may go ahead and write that post now 🙂













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