January 4, 2015

Photographing another photographer’s family is such a mix of emotions. To add to the fun, we shot in uptown Charlotte – a place I’ve never photographed before. We started in front of Knight Theatre and then headed over to Romare Bearden Park. I was intimidated at first by the largeness of it all. The newness and breath of fresh air of the location was so nice though. I kind of fell in love with the lights and the variety of the spots we visited. Samantha is a newborn photographer and Robbie is the lead pastor at Hope City! …They’re kind of my favorite power couple!
PS // how cute are these kids??
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  1. […] photos in the city, I was so excited! I talked before about being anxious to shoot uptown in this family’s post, but this time around I was totally game and excited! I love how you can photograph at pretty much […]

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