May 3, 2015

This year while everyone was home for Easter, the McMillans and I went out for some family photos. It was such a fun night….no pressure, laughing the whole time, walking 3 miles — you know, your normal spring time photo session 😉
Since Kelly + Dawn live in Raleigh, I live in Charlotte, and our families live in Hope Mills (Fayetteville), it was no easy thing to get these bad boys on the calendar…but we did and it was a beautiful evening.
I will spare you the sappy post about how much this family means to me and just let you get to the images, but I will just point out that I am so grateful to have gotten the chance to document their family at this point in their lives.
©Meredith-June Photography-11©Meredith-June Photography-16©Meredith-June Photography-32©Meredith-June Photography-29©Meredith-June Photography-44©Meredith-June Photography-35©Meredith-June Photography-57




  1. McMillan says:

    Great job? Absolutely love the picture in front of railroad tracks. Thanks for the great gift and the comments. I hope you know that we all love you because you are one of us.

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