May 14, 2015

Man oh man. Y’all, Camille was such a perfect baby! Maybe it’s because I just did not have expectations for her sleepiness, but holy cow, she slept like a champ and let me fly through a handful of set ups and poses.We weren’t sure what to expect going in for her ‘newborn’ photos but I had a few set ups ready to go and we just waited for Camille to take the lead and let us know what would work and what wouldn’t. Well, she was just the best. When she was awake, she was happy and alert, and when she slept, she let me pose her beautifully. She knew we wanted to capture her littleness and features just as they were in those moments and I was able to get some really beautiful shots of her for her family.
Her mommy gave me permission to share a bit of her story with you here.
Camille came to my studio for her baby portraits at four months old but only weighing around 8 lbs. (same as a lot of 10 day olds I have photographed!) because she came 13 weeks early at just 27 weeks + weighed less than 2 lbs. Unfortunately her parents spent some time in the hospital leading up to her birth because of complications with her mom’s pregnancy, so it was a very scary time with much left unknown for the future. Camille hasn’t had it easy these past four months but they were just discharged from the hospital about a month ago and have been adjusting to home life rather than hospital life.
I saw last week that mom posted a photo of her girl with no oxygen and looking right at her daddy with the sweetest little face. I am so happy for their family and so grateful that I got to capture little C in such a sweet and pure way.
PS. // How about this gorgeous mommy + baby shot?? I am obsessed!
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