February 20, 2016

Julianna was one of the sweetest newborn baby girls I have ever met. I just fell in love with her perfect little face and how easy she was to pose. Laid back babies make my job so much easier!
Her parents drove over an hour to bring her to my studio, so I was a little worried that she wouldn’t sleep well since they had such a long drive, but it didn’t even phase her.
Whites, creams, and pinks are my jam, friends. I think they are so classic for little girls and all babies look good on white. It is distraction free and helps you focus on what’s important…the tiny human!
It was super hard to choose the images to feature for her blog post since I love them all. I could never choose a favorite from her gallery! I do love this first image, because it is so classic and pure. Another favorite is her head on her hands with the gold headband because it shows off her tiny face so well. Her side froggy is adorable, too! And we cannot forget those awake shots…she didn’t care to look around too much, but I did get those awake shots that just show off so much personality from an itty bitty three week old newborn.
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