March 26, 2016

6 week old twins, Eli + Ti were the very first newborn twin babies to visit me in my studio. I can’t even explain how excited I was to photograph them and they did not disappoint!
They were born about 6 weeks early, so they spent a good deal of time in the NICU but they are at home now, happy and healthy! Since they were preemies, even though they were already 6 weeks at the time of the session, they were still only 6 and 7 pounds, so developmentally, they were still tiny newborns which made getting the sleepy and posed shots totally feasible.
Even though I just adore the images of them together, I also love love love seeing their individual shots side by side. Eli, the girl, was a full pound larger than her brother. Mom says she kicked him right out of the womb once they decided to make their entrance. She gave us quite a few smiles, so that’s always a mega plus. Ti was 6 pounds and had eyelashes that any woman would die for. He threw out a few sweet smiles, too!!
These two have absolutely created a love for multiples in me. I can’t wait to photograph another set of twins!
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