July 20, 2016

Let’s talk newborn MINI sessions!
Newborn photography is in high demand and a full newborn photo session isn’t always in the cards. This is a great route for someone who is looking for ‘just a couple images’ or who aren’t interested in purchasing a full session for any reason, but still want good quality photos of the brand new baby with someone who is experienced and knowledgeable on how to work with infants.
My minis include 2 set ups and 5 digital images (with the option to purchase more). They usually last 30 minutes, give or take. Generally, if baby is awake, we’ll shoot open eyed shots, and if he/she is sleeping, I’ll grab poses. The general idea is that as long as they are content, we will get beautiful images.
One of the most commonly asked questions is what a ‘set up’ is and I thought what better way to explain than with photos.
I almost always suggest choosing a blanket backdrop as one of the options since I am able to get a variety of angles (and usually 2 poses, depending on baby’s sleepiness) to choose from. Each set up yields 3+ images and I urge parents to be specific in the planning questionnaire about which set ups/color schemes they are interested in.
Set up options are:
-blanket backdrop
-prop (bowl; bucket; etc.)
Blanket backdrop – I usually do about 1-3 poses, depending on baby:
baby posing ideas
Some prop options:
Details (eyelashes; nose; lips; hands; toes):newborn details photos
newborn photo ideas
sibling with newborn




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