November 4, 2016

Lincoln did so good for his newborn photo session at my studio a few weeks ago.
He is baby #2 in his family and I was lucky enough to photograph his big brother just a year and a half ago. He did so good for sibling shots of the two of them and full family photos. That age is such a wild card, so mom and dad weren’t sure how he’d be, but we got some adorable images that I hope they will treasure forever.
Their family has been with me through my in home studio, to my little room in the adorable white house in the Elizabeth area, to now, in my most recent storefront studio in the NODA area.
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Newborn baby pictures are best taken in the first 2 weeks after birth. Those little ones will only be so sleepy and curly for a short time and often parents are sleep deprived, making that time so difficult to hold onto in memory. Newborn photos freeze your baby in that brand new stage, keeping their itty bitty faces and sweet little features available to look back on any time. It is best to book during your second trimester to guarantee a spot on the calendar!




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