April 15, 2017

Little Adira is one! I’ve had some super happy babies come through my studio, but this little girl was just beyond excited to be in front of the camera. She totally turns it on and lights up when all eyes are on her. We all just laughed and had a great time watching her cheese it up for portraits. She loved the edible ‘one’ on top of the cake but wasnt too interested in taking out the actual cake. Its always interesting to see how each baby responds to the cake, but I think that’s just part of the fun. The pink and gold cake smash set up was adorable and I loved putting it together for her.
I’m so happy her parents decided to come back for one year photos. I got to photograph her as a newborn and she was a tiny 5 pound peanut. Now that she’s a big girl, I hope that I will get to do more photos for them in the future.
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