July 20, 2017

I first met Olan and his family last year for his one year photos. He was a cutie then and he’s a cutie now 😉
Hasn’t he gotten so big?? Almost two year olds are so unpredictable, and I’m always ready to just play by their rules, but honestly, if every kid this age was as with it as Olan is, I would be SET! He showed off his dance moves (a lot!), gave his mom a couple of quick hugs, and watched his daddy’s every move with all the heart eyes. I have never seen a little one so obsessed with a parent like he is with dad. It was really stinkin’ sweet if you ask me.
This beautiful garden was the perfect setting for their springtime family photos. I am going to be so sad to see all the color fade over the next month or so as the weather continues to get warmer. I got to photograph a newborn baby girl in this same location a couple of weeks ago. You can see some of those photos here. 
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