November 9, 2018

This has been such a busy and amazing season for MJP with fall family photos!! This was my first year working with the ‘A family’ but I certainly hope I see them again. These boys are studs and their parents were some of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

It can be hard to find good locations to photograph families in the Charlotte area but I definitely have a few gems. When my clients book, I send a list that I’ve worked to compile over the last few years and send it over so they can choose the spot that works best for them and that particular season or for the look they’re going for. Sometimes a wide open field works better than a city feel but often something right in the middle is perfect. Thats why this spot works so well and I am shooting there LOTS this year! I love how we can get quite a few different looks without walking 5 miles and it photographs so nicely.

fall photos
family of five posing ideas
pictures of three brothers
charlotte family photographer
fall photos
fall family photos
family posing ideas with older children
beautiful fall photography
charlotte photographer

Looking to book a family session for your crew this year? Contact me asap to find out what dates are available and we’ll get you guys set up in no time. I cant wait to meet you!




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