July 30, 2019

Baby girl Eva was perfection during her newborn session with her family! She is such doll who has the most beautiful skin, loves to snuggle and be held by her family! I was lucky enough to get some shots with her eyes wide open! I was so impressed with her eye contact at such a young age. Baby girl Eva is absolutely beautiful, she gets it honest from her parents and big sister who love her so well!

What I love most about this newborn session is that the gallery puts an emphasis on the newborn with her family! A lot of sessions are focused on just the baby, but the Gordon family felt that it was important to incorporate them and Eva’s big sister as much as possible! I love this idea because it really conveys how important family is to them. We started out with photos of Eva and her big sis and then moved to single sibling shots. Eva’s big sis is stunning and was such a big help during the session. After sibling shots we did portraits of the entire family and then pictures with mom and dad. The family photos capture all the joy of their love for their baby girl!

Lastly, I grabbed some photos of just Baby Eva and this was around the time when she started to open her eyes! How exciting!? Im so glad I was able to capture those magical photos of her! Make sure you keep scrolling so you don’t miss all the beauty of this adorable baby and her family!

Baby girl eva with big sister Sibling shots during Eva's newborn session Big sister portraits during newborn session Beautiful sibling portrait The Gordon family with baby girl Eva Newborn with family Newborn with family photo session Newborn baby girl with her parents at Meredith June Photography Newborn baby girl with family Baby girl Eva with dad Newborn and family photo session at Meredith June Photography Black & White shot of baby girl Eva with dad Newborn baby girl and family photo session Newborn Eva with eyes wide open Baby girl Eva Beautiful baby girl newborn session Newborn session at Meredith June Photography baby girl newborn session

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