August 18, 2019

Baby girl Evelyn is the most darling little thing! She is 6 months old and the perfect mix of her parents with big beautiful hazel eyes! I love babies when they are this age! They are so curious and interested in everything. I think it’s pretty adorable to watch them scoot and crawl around my studio!

We had such a fun time during Evelyn’s gorgeous six month photo session! I can do sitter sessions in a timely fashion because I know we have a limited time due to the attention spans of our little pals. I sing songs, make animal noises, and make any loud distracting sound to get the baby’s attention (don’t judge me okay?)! I will do whatever I have to do to get the younger ones to engage with me and my camera! I love a big toothy smile, but I also appreciate a serious gaze as well. Some children tend to be more serious than others and I want to photograph who your baby truly is! We will have a chat about this before the session so I will know what to expect during the session!

Baby girl Evelyn was such a treat and I truly enjoyed capturing her gorgeous six month photo session!

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