September 27, 2019

I am over the moon with the lifestyle and newborn session I did for baby boy Gray! This family is so great and I love them so much. I always feel like I could chat with them for days! I photographed their baby girl, Finley, newborn session a few years ago. It is such a honor that they returned to me with their new baby boy, Gray! Finley is a great big sister and I love how much her new brother looks just like her!

This session turned out beautifully and this family is SO photogenic! Their house had large windows that allowed for amazing natural light! When I do a lifestyle session in your home, I don’t bring any equipment except my camera! No lights, no props, just me and my trusty dusty camera lens! For this reason, it is vital that your home provides plenty of natural light so I can give you those nice bright and glowy photos!

When I arrived to their home, we started in the living space and I took some photos of the entire family snuggling on the couch! Then we moved to the master bedroom and did some shots with just Finley and Gray and then added in some photos with their parents! After that, we headed upstairs to Gray’s nursery and grabbed some individual photos with him and each family member!

Every lifestyle and newborn session moves differently! It really just depends on the layout of your house and what the newborn needs at that moment! I hope you enjoy a look at the most adorable baby boy Gray!

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