October 31, 2019

Hello everyone, meet baby boy Charlie and his beautiful parents! Charlie was an older newborn when we scheduled his session… around 10 weeks old. He was the smiliest baby boy and had amazing eye contact for the photos, (one of the many perks of an older newborn session). Sit back, relax and scroll to see the goodness of Baby boy Charlie’s newborn and simple studio session. 
As you just read I mentioned “perks” of older newborn sessions. Im sure you are thinking I am crazy, but hear me out. I get a lot of concerns from parents about wanting their baby in my studio at only a few days old, which is totally fine! But I also want to encourage you to not stress about getting your newborn photographed at a certain number of days or weeks old. Let’s use baby Charlie as an example. He has so much personality, amazing eye contact and so much awareness in his photos as a 10 week old babe. It all depends on your preference and what you’re comfortable with. But, I just had to show off this wide eyed, happy boy’s photos! 
Now back to the Hale family and baby boy Charlie! I started a new kind of session a few months back called the Simple Studio Session. This is where you and your family come to my studio and only use my white space! It is a great mix of posed, and candid photos in my studio! These pictures will always be timeless because of the all white background, but very bright and airy from all the beautiful light! If you would like to see more simple studio sessions, I will link one here

Baby boy Charlie during simple studio session 10 week newborn baby boy family portraits with baby boy Newborn baby with mom simple studio session with family of three Baby boy Charlie with dad at MJP Baby boy photo session at MJP family studio portraits newborn baby detail shots Adorable baby boy Charlie

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