October 7, 2020

This is your sign of the top 3 reasons you should book a newborn mini session for your little one! The Blowers family emailed me a couple of weeks ago to schedule their newborn session. After looking over all of their options they chose to book a mini session. He was the sweetest little baby and reminded me so much of his middle brother Alessio, when I photographed his newborn photos. This family is the best ever and I’ll let you in on a secret… the sibling photo of the three brothers goes down as one of my favorite sibling shots in the history of MJP!

Before we get into the top 3 reasons of why you should book a newborn mini session, let’s talk about what it is. A mini sesh is 30 minutes of photos focused on baby with a few family and sibling photos. The set up is very simple. By simple, I mean we typically don’t use props to save time. This is the lowest session price, but only because I spend less time with you and your family. Even though we spend less time together, I capture the most important and quality photos of your little babe. So if you aren’t already convinced… let’s talk about the top 5 reasons.

  1. It’s only 30 minutes.

Does anyone else have a husband or children who have a super short attention span… especially when it comes to photos!? A mini session is a great bargaining tool. It’s only 30 minutes out of your entire day, which keeps everyone happy and motivated to get the shots we need.

2. Cost Effecient

Have a hard time spending money on anything, but necessities? Same. But in my opinion, newborn photos are a necessity! This is a super affordable way for you to capture the most meaningful moments and photos of your babe in all your favorite Pinterest poses for a very reasonable price.

3. Less is More

When you book a mini session we have less time for transitions. This means we keep the same set up for all newborn shots and then move to a different set up for all family and sibling photos. All set ups are very neutral and simple which allows us to change out blankets, headbands or outfits (if you choose) quickly and easily. As a photographer, I strive to create beautiful photos that are timeless and classic. A newborn mini session provides exactly that. Photos with simple set ups will never go out of style. In my opinion I would have to say less is definitely more when it comes to photo backdrops and props.

How did I do? Are you convinced yet!? If so, keep scrolling to check out the best way to get in touch with me!

newborn mini session for baby boy by studio photographer Meredith June in Charlotte NC
Newborn photos with brothers in photography studio
newborn mini session for baby boy at Meredith June Photography in Charlotte area
newborn with family posing ideas by MJP in Charlotte NC
top 3 reasons to book a newborn mini session
newborn baby boy pictures with parents in photography studio
mini session for infant by MJP in Charlotte NC
newborn baby boy set up ideas by MJP
family of 5 posing ideas by MJP

Feel free to visit my website and fill out the contact form to inquire about a newborn mini session! I look forward to hearing from you and meeting your precious little ones.




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