December 22, 2021

Hey there folks! Welcome to baby McKee’s 6 month milestone session which includes some of the best sibling photos in the history of MJP! Is that a little dramatic? Maybe so…. but I just couldn’t resist highlighting this sweet little sibling duo.

It’s not everyday that you get siblings as photogenic and precious as these two! I’ve seen it all during my time at my studio. Sibling enemies, besties, and some that just aren’t in the mood to be photographed. The McKee kids were absolutely adorable! Big sis took the lead and loved on her little brother so well. She made my job so easy! Little brother just soaked it all in a was so happy hanging out with her. A few of my all time favorites are the photos where they are backlit. I think they turned out stunning and will make the perfect lifetime keepsake!

Baby boy McKee was such a handsome, happy boy. I couldn’t have asked for a more picture perfect 6 month old. I can’t wait for you to scroll through the gallery and see some of the best sibling photos this far! For inquiries and booking information, keep scrolling to the end of the post and I will be happy to assist you!

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Bright and airy sibling pictures at Meredith June Photography
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Baby boy photo shoot at Meredith June Photography
6 month milestone session for baby boy at MJP

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