September 26, 2014

I was so excited when Melissa and I decided to go through with a sunrise beach photo shoot of her and Noah in July! I have not had the chance to photograph a sunrise since I began photography and I really wasn’t sure exactly what to expect….but I knew it would be

I had spent the first part of the weekend on the coast with my best friend, celebrating her birthday, so it was super easy to make the early morning trip to Melissa’s place.

Let me tell you – the sky was gorgeous!!! We were both so happy with the weather and the colors all around. It was as if we were at multiple places all at once, with one portion of the sky growing with shades of pink and yellow, another blue, and another filled with rain clouds.

Then, Noah’s fishing pole was just the cherry on top! Isn’t that the sweetest? He was very dedicated to his fishing and worked hard to catch them, even though there weren’t any biting that morning 😉

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