October 23, 2014

 This family was so great to work with. The parents made my job so easy and the suspenders on their little guy?
Kills me. The cute factor was too much.

I love the images of the sun coming through his curls towards the end. We had a great location, great light, and a great time.
Meredith-June Photography-8Meredith-June Photography-24Meredith-June Photography-35Meredith-June Photography-44Meredith-June Photography-53Meredith-June Photography-55Meredith-June Photography-61Meredith-June Photography-65Meredith-June Photography-66Meredith-June Photography-70Meredith-June Photography-81Meredith-June Photography-85Meredith-June Photography-90Meredith-June Photography-96Meredith-June Photography-99Meredith-June Photography-101Meredith-June Photography-104Meredith-June Photography-111Meredith-June Photography-115Meredith-June Photography-118Meredith-June Photography-126Meredith-June Photography-130




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