October 24, 2014

Since I have been doing photography, I have included the digital images as part of an ‘all-inclusive’ package for my clients. I’ve done this for a variety of reasons:
1. I have had little time to offer ordering sessions or push prints to my clients
2. Sometimes clients have specifically hired me because they know they will receive the images after the session, so it made me feel like I should.
3. It’s taken time to develop a confidence in my work + business that would reflect in physical product.

…Let me explain:
I have no doubt that I could deliver a gorgeous 8×10 canvas or 16×20 print, or a full album. So with this month being my one year anniversary to beginning my journey with photography, I have really worked to step back, analyze what I’ve done and where I’m going, and make plans to prepare for Meredith-June Photography’s future.

Want to know something pretty exciting? I am ready. I can say it with full confidence because I know where I’ve come from + where I’m at +  where I’m going.
Do I produce some pretty great images that are treasured by their owners and will be for lifetimes? The kind of thing that deserves a spot on your home’s wall or on your coffee table to share with guests?

This is why I have decided that it is time for me to deeply encourage my clients to purchase prints, canvases and albums. Next year I will restructure my pricing to introduce/include packages for portrait sessions to include family, children, and newborns. (Weddings have their own set up.)

SO. I have shared all of that with you in hopes that you will graciously fill in my poll below. What I want for my business is to be able to offer my clients WHAT THEY WANT. Maybe my clientele truly does only want the digitals, but I’m willing to bet if you had more options, you’d take them.

I expect to launch my new packaging around early March, so stay tuned. My goal is to create something unique, realistic, and valuable.

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