October 30, 2014


We have been married for 12 days. I couldn’t be happier and I couldn’t be more confident in the choices we’ve made. I have witnessed him grow as a man in so many ways (over 6 years) but really in just in these two (not even) weeks, he has transformed into someone I didn’t expect.

This is a man my dad would respect and thank for the way he treats me and loves me.

He supports me endlessly and vocally and often. Even when I doubt myself, he is there to give me encouragement. It’s the kind of stable and strong support, too. He is realistic and thoughtful, so I know that when he offers it, that he means it and that is invaluable.

My husband (<3) is laid back. He goes with the flow and doesn’t need a plan. He could live off of dr. pepper + skoal for probably 2 or 3 days if he’s gotta. He looks good with a beard or with no facial hair at all, but my fave is like in this photo // just enough to know it’s there. He is loyal and trustworthy. If he starts a job, he sees it through and does it as well as he possibly can. He grew up in California + loves the (Sanfransico) Giants, but sometimes I think my accent has found its way into his voice.

We met in January 2009, right before I turned 19. He was 24. The first thing we found in common was not having tattoos and not really wanting them.
He wrote me a song while he was over seas (Aug. 2009-Aug. 2010) then sang it to me the night he proposed. I want to have the lyrics framed for our walls.
He got Toby in 2010 when he got out of the army and when I got Barkley two years later, he accepted him as his own, just like I did with Toby.

The love we share is one I have known my entire adult life but never expected to see so wholly transform into something so deep and tangible and perfect. We have always had something special + strong. But I have found myself falling further in love with him every day. Feeling it grow so rapidly has been pleasantly overwhelming.

I love you, Travis. I am so grateful to be your wifey for lifey.




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