July 25, 2019

Let me just tell you guys a secret… Amora’s sitter session has my entire heart!! Adorable doesn’t even begin to describe this girl! She has the brightest eyes, the squishiest cheeks and a curious mind! Amora loves to crinkle her little nose and play with her toes. (That sounds like a nursery rhyme ha!!) She never gave a wide toothless grin, but her soft smile is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen.

It’s always fun to see how babies will react when they come into the studio. Some kids have never met a stranger and some are way more reserved. I wish more than anything that I could know what they are thinking! Some of the faces and actions they make send me into fits of laughter and wonder. Amora would make the cutest face like she was trying to be polite by smiling, but also very perplexed by the strange lady behind the camera making animals noises! ( I will do anything for a smile okay !?) One of my favorite shots from this six month session is where Amora is making this face!

Make sure you keep scrolling so you don’t miss it! I hope you enjoy Amora’s sitter session!

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If you would like to set up a session please reach out at meredithjunephoto@gmail.com! Feel free to ask any questions and I will be happy to assist you in anyway I can! I can’t wait to chat soon!




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