July 25, 2019

You guys…. Zoey turns 7 months in a few short days!! How is it possible that these kiddos grow so fast!? They aren’t kidding when they say time flies when you’re having fun because we had a blast at Zoey’s sitter session in the studio. This girl was a gem. She made eye contact, giggled, and played like a champ! Zoey has such an ease about her and she truly helped make the day go smoothly!

If you come around here often, I’m sure you have noticed that in a lot of recent baby girl sitter sessions, I have been using a water color back drop. I would be lying if I didn’t say how much I LOVE it! It is subtle, but also adds a pop of color to the gallery. The colors are also very complimentary on all skin tones and not to mention, how girly and beautiful it is! Don’t judge me because I’m pretty sure I will be using this set up for a long time (;

This gal is a stunning little nugget!  I am so excited to share this gallery and for when Zoey turns 7 months!

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If you would like to see more Sitter Sessions check out my Instagram @meredithjunephotography or the hashtag #mjpmilestones. We have a lot of fun around here and would love to see you in the studio!




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