July 25, 2019

Ryann’s sitter session is possibly one of the cutest galleries you will ever see! She loved to giggle and play with her little toes. But what she loved the most was cuddles from her big sis! They were the most adorable dynamic duo you will ever see! I know they will grow up to be great pals!

We started Ryann’s sitter session with photos of her and her big sister! This was a bit challenging because Ryann wanted to look at her sissy and not the camera! Her parents and I worked super hard to keep her attention on me, but we finally got some amazing photos. When we finished the sibling shots, I grabbed a few photos of the big sis by herself! She was awesome and knew exactly what to do! For the last part of the session I took some photos of Ryann by herself. I was amazed with her eye contact with the camera and how cute her personality was!

I loved my time with Ryann and her sister! Make sure you keep scrolling so you don’t miss a gallery overloaded with cuteness!

Sibling cuddles at Meredith June Photography Charlotte baby girl photographer Sibling shot during Ryann's sitter session Charlotte Milestone Photographer Baby girl milestone session in Charlotte Bright and airy milestone session for baby girl Beautiful baby girl milestone session in Charlotte NC Ryann's bright and airy sitter session at Meredith June Photography Adorable baby girl milestone session

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