February 15, 2020

I adore this 3 month milestone session for this adorable baby boy at Meredith June Photography! I am always thrilled when I get inquiries for milestone sessions. It’s a change of pace and gives me the chance to get creative in a new way!

As much as I love newborn sessions, 3-4 months is an amazing age to photograph your little one! They are able to make eye contact and have developed a tiny personality! These two things alone make for beautiful photos. Another pro to photographing your baby at a slightly older age is having a variety of poses. Most 3-4 month olds can push up on their belly and lay on their back! I love tummy time photos. This position allows me to capture all the wonder and curiosity in their eyes in just one photo!

This session was so much fun because I was able to use my studio bed. I don’t usually do this often for milestone or baby sessions, so it was super fun to change things up! We aimed for something simple, but beautiful. Naturally, I created a white, bright and airy set up! Incase you don’t come around here often… this is my signature look. Simple, elegant and bright are some of my favorite words to describe my work.

If you are interested in scheduling a 3 month milestone session for your little one, please feel free to send me an email at meredithjunephoto@gmail.com! I would love to get you on my calendar!

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