March 20, 2020

Olivia turns two this weekend and I am beside myself with how time has flown by. For those of you who don’t know, this curly haired, blue eyed beauty is my little girl! I may be biased, but she is a true ray of sunshine and continues to radiate the more she grows! Because of her contagious nature, we decided on a colorful confetti cake smash! What better way to ring in her second birthday!?

Cake Smash Details and Moments

I was expecting these photos to be a whirlwind and I told myself if I could just get ONE photo, I would be content. My girl completely surprised me and I ended up with too many adorable photos to choose from! I wish more people would do a two year cake smash because by that age, the baby is usually more engaged in taking photos and in the set up! The bright colors and pieces of confetti really emphasize my baby’s adorable and fun personality. This would also be a great cake smash for any gender. We could easily change the color scheme. It’s minimal and simple, but also fun and bright! Her adorable bow is from an amazing vendor on Etsy called LaBelle Baby Bows and her sweet little tutu and body suit are from amazon! Also if you are ever in the need of a cake for your cake smash session, Buttercream & Dreams are ALWAYS my go to!

Quarantine Birthday Ideas

Now this isn’t cake smash content, but I can’t bring myself to ignore everything that’s happening in the world right now! If you own a smart phone, or watch the news then i am sure you are up to date on the crazy COVID-19 situation. I know I am not the only parent with a quarantine birthday baby, so I thought I would pull together a list of ideas for a socially distanced birthday party and a few resources to help you get creative! Some of my favorite ideas so far have been:

Olivia turns two years old
two year old cake smash session at MJP
turning two years old during quarantine
quarantine birthday ideas for toddlers
colorful confetti cake smash for Olivias second birthday
2020 quarantine birthday party ideas
two year old colorful confetti cake smash by MJP in Charlotte NC
Cake smash session for baby girl in Charlotte NC by MJP
Olivia's colorful confetti cake smash session in Charlotte NC
quarantine cake smash session in Charlotte area
Cake smash ideas for baby girl

I hope you enjoyed these sweet little snaps as much as I did! If you are interested in booking a session please email me at I assure you I am taking all precautions to protect myself and clients as we navigate these crazy times! I can’t wait to talk soon!




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