May 14, 2020

I am obsessed with this baby girl sitter session! Baby B is on the MJP baby plan and I have done her 2 big brothers newborn and baby plan images as well. I LOVE the Bilodeau fam! This session was filled with lots of personality, laughs and cuteness!

Sitter sessions are geared towards baby’s who age around 6 months old. These sessions capture their milestones such as rolling over, laying down and sitting up. Hence the name sitter session (; These photos are a great keep sake and reminder of all the cute little habits your babe has developed as they start to grow and learn. In my opinion, these are the moments you will never want to forget!

Keep scrolling to see an adorable baby girl sitter session and moments that will be treasured forever.

baby girl sitter session by MJP in Charlotte NC
Baby girl milestone photos by MJP in Charlotte area
Baby girl milestone photography in Charlotte NC
Baby milestone photo ideas for baby girl by MJP
Milestone session detail shots by MJP in Charlotte NC
Baby girl milestone portraits for baby girl by Meredith June Photography
Sitter session for baby girl by MJP in charlotte area
Milestone pictures for baby girl at MJP studio
Baby girl milestone photo session

To book a sitter session for your little one, fill out the contact me tab. To get some inspiration for your little ones photos, check out the baby gallery on my blog! I can’t wait to have you in my studio!




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