July 9, 2020

This simple studio session is nothing short of stunning! I was SO happy when the Martin family emailed me to say their baby girl has arrived and they are ready to book a session! This family was amazing and we had the most fun time together in my studio.

I think the simple studio session is becoming my new favorite thing! The main difference between this and a newborn session is that the simple studio is more candid while the newborn sesh is posed and uses more props. If you like white, bright light, and simplicity then the simple studio is for you! During these photos I focus more on the newborn WITH the family rather than the individual baby. Both options are beautiful, but it just depends on your preference/what’s more important to you during this specific season of life.

We will use only my white space during simple studio photos! In this session you will see that I have a bed as a prop, but I recently sold this and replaced it with a white couch. I wanted to give this session a more modern and chic feel. Make sure you check back later for a more updated look! For the Martin family’s pictures, we started with sibling photos, then moved straight into family shots! I captured tons of moments full of snuggles and giggles while focusing on baby girl, of course! (: Last, but certainly not least, we wrapped the session up with individual photos of our sweet girl! I made sure to get plenty of detail shots because sometimes the tiniest things make the biggest memories!

simple studio session by Meredith June Photography in Charlotte NC
Simple studio session for newborn baby girl by MJP
Simple studio session with newborn baby girl and family
Newborn baby girl with big brother posed ideas by MJP
Newborn with sibling poses by MJP
Newborn baby girl with family by MJP
Newborn baby girl with parents
Posing ideas for newborn with parents by MJP
Newborn baby girl simple studio session in Charlotte NC
Simple studio session by newborn baby photographer in Charlotte NC

I adore this session and this family! If you would like to book a simple studio session, head on over to my blog! From there, you can directly contact me via the contact tab! While you’re there, feel free to stay and click around for a while. We would love the company (;




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