September 20, 2020

Today I get to share the Karwan family lifestyle session and celebrate Baby Henry turning one! I love that this family combined his one year photos with a lifestyle session. I think it’s super unique and fun! Baby Henry is on the Baby plan, so I was able to photograph his newborn and 6 month photos! It is such a pleasure to see this family every single time. And I am always mind blown by how much Henry grows every time I see him!

The Karwan family lifestyle session was a success! A few of my favorite photos are all three of them in Henry’s nursery reading together. These photos are priceless and I feel so grateful to be the one to capture this precious memory forever in a photo. I think that is so special. Their house was absolutely stunning, they have the cutest little pup and a photogenic little baby boy. This fam truly made my job so easy!

I couldn’t help but share the majority of their gallery! There were too many good photos to choose from. Make sure you keep scrolling for all of your lifestyle/ one year photo inspo’s! If you’re feeling extra inspired email me at to inquire about a session.

lifestyle session with dog by MJP in Charlotte NC
Baby boy one year and lifestyle session with family in Charlotte NC
Lifestyle session for baby boy and family in Charlotte are by MJP
One year photos for baby boy
Baby boy with family photo ideas by Meredith June Photography
Baby boy one year milestone photos
Family in nursery photo ideas by MJP
Family lifestyle photos by MJP in Charlotte NC
Baby boy pictures by MJP
One year pictures for baby boy
Baby boy lifestyle session
Baby boy with family lifestyle photos in Charlotte area
One year photos and lifestyle session by Meredith June Photography




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