October 26, 2021

I am still dreaming of the Litchfield’s family photos in the Ballantyne area. This location was PERFECTION! There was a large pond with a dock, lot’s of open land and a nice wooded area. I am adding this new gem to my location list for all of my new and current clients, so make sure you’re on the lookout!

The Litchfield’s were such a joy. Their two little girls were beyond precious and the parents were so much fun! I love this gallery for a few reasons: So much variety in scenery, the lighting was to die for, and last but not least, this family is down right photogenic. I was able to capture so many amazing, candid photos. They turned out so well because the parents were so willing to take my direction and not worried about feeling silly. They played, tickled and giggled with their girls until they couldn’t anymore! As your photographer, I give you poses and guidance, but to get those emotion-filled, and in the moment shots, you have to be willing to interact with your family just like you would when nobody else is watching! Your participation plays a huge roll in capturing your family’s personality through my lens.

I had a wonderful evening shooting the Litchfield’s family photos. If you love this gallery and the location, keep scrolling to end of the post. I will give you directions on how to inquire about a session! Once you book, I will send you a list of all of my best kept secrets!

outdoor family photos in ballantyne area by Meredith June Photography
daddy daughter posing ideas by MJP in Charlotte area
family of four photo ideas by MJP
outdoor family photos in ballantyne area
family photo shoot by MJP in Charlotte area
family picture ideas of baby girls
family pictures by MJP in Charlotte NC
Outdoor pictures for family of four in Ballantyne NC
mom and daughter photo ideas by MJP
sister photo ideas by MJP
family photos by water in Charlotte area

Are you ready to book your session!? Email me at meredithjunephoto@gmail.com and we can chat about the specifics. I can’t wait to meet you and your family!




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